Minty Dot Keiki Klutch
Keiki Klutch

Minty Dot Keiki Klutch


Keiki is the Hawaiian word for “little child” and this wonderful “grab and run” clutch is perfect to help keep your little child clean and content. Crafted specifically to hold 2 disposable diapers and travel-size wipes, Keiki Klutch is super-handy to help with those unexpected situations. 

Keep a stocked Keiki Klutch in your desk drawer, your car’s glove compartment, your purse, or any other place you might need a quick diaper change for baby.

Choose a coordinating or matching fabric with any of our baby bags for a darling and practical shower gift. Your friend will love you for it!

Please note design placement may vary on each bag.



7”w x 11” h. Wrist strap, water resistant lining. Velcro flap close.

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Minty Dot Keiki Klutch