Our Story


The Sassy Saks Journey

Debbie Jokovich, like many women, has played varied roles in her life: working professional, often-relocated spouse, mother, health-conscious exercise fan, on-the-go girlfriend, and now grandmother. From Columbus to Maui to San Francisco to Honolulu to New York to Austin and many points in between, Debbie’s life journey has informed and inspired the beautiful and handy bags she creates.

Sassy Saks grew organically, born out of her need for a fashionable, useful, durable bag that would be functional for work and kids and remain gorgeous in her portable, action-packed life.  She began to draw and design in her real estate office, quickly coming upon her signature Sassy Tote’s design.  The ideas for new bags kept coming as she moved through her life’s journey and met her own needs with yoga bags, cosmetic bags, tech bags, baby bags, evening clutches, and daytime purses.  She carried her bags everywhere: to work, to her children’s sporting events, at the grocery store, to exercise class, and in airports as her family relocated. Friends, family, and complete strangers requested them and she often sold the bag she was carrying right off her shoulder. She still does.

Debbie’s mastery of beautiful natural design, informed by her travels and personal understanding of bags that work, is reflected in each and every Sassy Saks design. Her meticulously crafted bags are made for you in Maui, HI..

100% Handmade

Handmade in Maui, Hi, with a great attention to detail, each handbag is one-of-a-kind, unique and fashionable.

Style & Quality

Sassy Saks are crafted from a variety of premium fabrics including silks, satins, and velvets. 

Behind the Scenes

All bags handmade in Maui, Hawaii.  Debbie and her team design and sew each Sassy Sak! Custom orders are our speciality!